Welcome on the GenèveRando website

The Geneva Cantonal Hiking Association, known today as "GenèveRando", was founded on February 15, 1973, 40 years after the Swiss Hiking Federation, now known as "Suisse Rando".

Why the long wait? The cramped nature of the territory and the high level of motorization was probably the reason.

Yet, hiking was already well established thanks to the support of the Geneva Electric Tramway Company and siince 1970 by the Swiss Touring Club. In 1987 various local and federal decisions were taken to protect the Swiss hiking network. However, only in 1998 did this become Geneva cantonal law, followed the master plan in 2002 and its implementation in 2003.

Today, following an agreement with the cantonal authorities, "GenèveRando" is responsible for signposting some 350km of walking trails. (See national map, the yellow Carte d'excursions, Genève 270 T, 1:50'000 th). To this must be added 43km of the two national itinearies numbers 3 and 4 and around 110 km of cross-border walking trails marked according to the Charter of the Departments of Ain and Upper Savoy.

 "GenèveRando" offers its members a weel-rounded program of one-day excursions, summer and winter (in winter with snowshoes), as well as long hikes from 2 days to one week in Switzerland as well as abroad. In every case, hikers are accompagnied by experienced guides.

Paul Everett, president